Tonight on tv : matt "Neither judge, nor subject" and "The Beautiful and the Pack"

You don’t know what to watch tonight ? The Drafting of AlloCiné shows you the movies and series on tv. In the program : a documentary on the judge Anne Gruwez, a fact various chilling in Tunisia and a detention centre for minors. “Helped subdue” Neither Judge Nor Submitted to Jean Libon, Yves Hinant (Canal +, 21h05) : “program worship “Strip Tease” is available for the first time in film with “Neither Judge, Nor Submitted” dedicated to the honourable judge Anne Gruwez. Faithful to what had made the success of the tv programme, the documentary unfolds without voiceover or commentary and is happy to follow this character high-in-color which by itself provides the show with his straight talk and his glibness. Between the hearings of the accused, visits to scenes of crime and even the exhumation of a corpse, the film a series of sequences hallucinating before which we do not know whether we should laugh or be shocked. If one can regret its sensationalism, it would be dishonest to deny both its effectiveness and its humour.” Emilie Schneider The Beautiful and the Pack trailer VO La Belle and the Pack of Kaouther Ben Hania with Mariam Al-Ferjani, Ghanem Zrelli (OCS City, 20h40) : “Inspired by a story, “The Beautiful and the Pack” is a drama depicting the night demanding of a young Tunisian raped that attempts to make the complaint in a patriarchal society where justice is on the side of the executioners. Made of sequence shots that accentuate the effect of real and gives a quasi-documentary, the film invests thematic societal and policy by borrowing the codes of the thriller. Relying in large part on the shoulders of his young actress really cool, “The Beautiful and the Pack” is a labor activist and bitter that impresses by his mastery and to which it is difficult to stay marble.” Emilie Schneider The Rebels'island of the Devil trailer VO The king of Devil’s island by Marius Holst, with Stellan Skarsgård, Kristoffer Joner (OCS Shock, 20h40) : “A good prison film in the purest tradition of the genre. More precisely, it is a detention centre for minors, represented as an institution which is totalitarian, which is cold in the back. The framework is frosty, offering stunning images, accentuates the terrifying to the establishment. Served by the charismatic Stellan Skarsgård and young players arriving perfectly to give an account of the state of mind of these offenders, the film also shines by its casting.” Laurent Schenck “Permitted to speak” And otherwise, among all the movies that are coming this evening, what is your favorite ? What are you going to watch this Wednesday, march 06 ? To find all programs, go directly to the grid by clicking here.

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Grey’s Anatomy : that thought the american press of the series at its launch ?

Trailer Who loves me follow me : Daniel Auteuil and Bernard Le Coq fight for Catherine Frot

Who loves me follow me, a comedy starring Daniel Auteuil and Catherine Frot, offers a trailer tasty. Appointment on 20 march in cinemas to discover this film. After winning a César for Marguerite in 2016 and given the reply to Catherine Deneuve in the Wise woman the following year, Catherine Frot found the filmmaker José Alcala for Who loves me must follow me. The two artists have already collaborated in 2011 on glow. The actress there stood a police captain looking for undocumented and illegal immigrants from all walks of life. This time, Catherine Frot interpreter Simone, a young retiree living with her husband, Gilbert (Daniel Auteuil), in a charming village in the South of France. Apollo Movies Daniel Auteuil, Catherine Frot and Bernard Le Coq, But Simone does not feel good in this relationship, her husband being a natural bitter. In addition, his neighbour and lover, Etienne (Bernard Le Coq), is on the point of leaving. Cornered, Simone decides to run away from home. Gilbert then becomes aware that he is ready to do anything to find his wife, his love. Recently seen in the costume of Vitalis in Rémi without family, Daniel Auteuil will be coming soon to the poster of The Belle epoque of Nicolas Bedos. About Catherine Frot, it will hold the main role of the drama, Travel in the winter. She will play a woman oscillating between the access to the distributions of free food and wandering in the streets. In the meantime, the public will find them in Who loves me follow me from the 20th of march at the cinema.

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The Fires of love : Shemar Moore to return to make a tribute to Kristoff St John

Recently died, the actor of the “Lights of love” Kristoff St. John, the interpreter of Neil, will be entitled to a pay tribute to in the series over the course of two episodes that will mark the return of Shemar Moore and Victoria Rowell… CBS Television Studios that is Well known to fans of the soap opera in which he played the role of Neil Winters since 1991, the actor Kristoff St. John, aged 52, was found dead at his home in the San Fernando valley in Los Angeles on February 3. 3 days later was broadcasted its last episode of the Fires of love; it was more in the series for a few months already. Since the announcement of his death, many actors of the Fires of love paid him tribute on the social networks. The image of Shemar Moore, the star of S. W. A. T., who has played Malcolm Winters, the brother of Neil between 1994 and 2005. He said he was devastated by this terrible news : “there is no you without me ! You’re my brother ! I love you ! Rest in peace… I’m going to finish what you have begun ! Thank you for your heart and your talent !”. We learn today that he will return in two episodes of the series to make him a last tribute, according to Entertainment Weekly. As well, Malcolm will make appearances in episodes 25 and 26 April 2019 in the United States, during a week dedicated to the actor in the course of which the city of Genoa City learn of the unexpected death of Neil. To see them in France, however, we need to be patient, because there is a roughly three-year lag with the americans… Victoria Rowell, the interpreter of Drucilla, the wife of Neil, she also died, will also be part of but in a different form. The character will not return in the storylines, but the actress, she will participate in a special episode devoted to Kristoff St. John and consists of testimonies from all the team for her final goodbyes.

Aquaman : a spin-off on the monsters of the Trench in development
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Game of Thrones : the storyboard of THE scene with Hodor revealed [SPOILERS]

From 30 Rock to The Expand, what you can expect in February on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has unveiled its programme for the month of February. Between all of The “Expand” and “30 Rock”, and the arrival of the documentary series, “Lorena”, a small overview of the new features of the platform… February promises to be busy for Amazon Prime Video, which has just announced its programme for the coming months. From the 8, the platform will make it available to its subscribers the first three seasons of The Expand, a series of science-fiction drop-in space, which was acquired by Amazon in may of last year, in the wake of its cancellation. This will be an opportunity to catch up before the launch in the course of the year of season 4, which will be this time a Premium Original. At the beginning of the month, you can also find the entirety of 30 Rock, a sitcom emblematic created by, and with Tina Fey, who reveals the behind the scenes of a television show, fictional, turned upside down by the arrival of a Hollywood star capricious. Finally, for lovers of the documentary series, 4 episodes, Lorena, produced by Jordan Peele, and based on a different landmark that has transformed the way americans consume information, will arrive on 15 February. Side announcement, Hanna, the thriller event from the eponymous film, will be presented in premiere at the Berlinale in Germany, no release date has yet been communicated. The Widow : Kate Beckinsale in search of truth in march in the new Amazon Prime Video 30 Rock, season 1 to 7 in multi-language version on February 1, Just Add Magic, season 3 in a multi-lingual version on the 1st of February, The Exorcist, season 2 in multilingual version, on February 1, The Expand, season 1 to 3 in multilingual version, February 8, Lorena, a-series, Premium the Original, 15 February The Fabulous Ms. Maisel, season 2 in multilingual version, February 15, Homecoming, season 1 multilingual version, February 22, This Giant Beast That Is the Global Economy”, season 1 VO, February 22, Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D, season 1 to 4 in multilingual version, February 25,

Black Mirror: let’s go Bandersnatch, and interactivity in the series [PODCAST]
The Park of Wonders : Odah et Dako leave rap improvised for the animation film !