From 30 Rock to The Expand, what you can expect in February on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has unveiled its programme for the month of February. Between all of The “Expand” and “30 Rock”, and the arrival of the documentary series, “Lorena”, a small overview of the new features of the platform… February promises to be busy for Amazon Prime Video, which has just announced its programme for the coming months. From the 8, the platform will make it available to its subscribers the first three seasons of The Expand, a series of science-fiction drop-in space, which was acquired by Amazon in may of last year, in the wake of its cancellation. This will be an opportunity to catch up before the launch in the course of the year of season 4, which will be this time a Premium Original. At the beginning of the month, you can also find the entirety of 30 Rock, a sitcom emblematic created by, and with Tina Fey, who reveals the behind the scenes of a television show, fictional, turned upside down by the arrival of a Hollywood star capricious. Finally, for lovers of the documentary series, 4 episodes, Lorena, produced by Jordan Peele, and based on a different landmark that has transformed the way americans consume information, will arrive on 15 February. Side announcement, Hanna, the thriller event from the eponymous film, will be presented in premiere at the Berlinale in Germany, no release date has yet been communicated. The Widow : Kate Beckinsale in search of truth in march in the new Amazon Prime Video 30 Rock, season 1 to 7 in multi-language version on February 1, Just Add Magic, season 3 in a multi-lingual version on the 1st of February, The Exorcist, season 2 in multilingual version, on February 1, The Expand, season 1 to 3 in multilingual version, February 8, Lorena, a-series, Premium the Original, 15 February The Fabulous Ms. Maisel, season 2 in multilingual version, February 15, Homecoming, season 1 multilingual version, February 22, This Giant Beast That Is the Global Economy”, season 1 VO, February 22, Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D, season 1 to 4 in multilingual version, February 25,

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Suits : the first images of the spin-off Pearson with Gina Torres and Bethany Joy Lenz

Expected this summer on the USA Network, “Pearson”, the spin-off of “Suits” focused on the ex-lawyer Jessica Pearson, as portrayed by Gina Torres, is revealed with a first trailer that takes us to Chicago in the world of politics. While Suits : the lawyers-to-measure would be completed shortly at the end of its ninth season, the universe created by Aaron Korsh will continue to exist, thanks to Pearson, a spin-off centered on Jessica Pearson, the ex-lawyer, embodied by Gina Torres during the first six seasons of the series mother, which is expected this summer on the american channel USA Network. As we watch the first trailer unveiled this week on the occasion of the winter press tour the TCA (Television Critics Association), this series derived will follow Jessica Pearson in his new life in Chicago, from where originates his father. A new beginning, following its removal from the bar, which will be closer to a part of her family that she does not know, but also, and especially, trying to navigate the murky waters of the world of politics, through his position as a “fix” to the mayor of the city Bobby Golec (Morgan Spector). The rest of the cast of this spin-off designed by Korsh & Daniel Arkin is composed of the star of the Brothers Scott Bethany Joy Lenz, who takes over the role of the lawyer Keri Allen (held by Rebecca Rittenhouse in the backdoor pilot aired last year at season 7 of Suits), Chantel Riley, Isabel Arraiza, and Eli Goree (The 100, Dead of Summer), while D. B. Woodside (Lucifer) this will be a recurring in the skin of Jeff Malone, the boyfriend of Jessica.

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What is it again God ? : more than 3.6 million spectators already at the rendezvous

The comedy “what is it again God ?” will remain installed in first place at the box-office hexagonal, accumulating now more than 3.6 million spectators. “Dragon 3” and “Nicky Larson” complete the podium. Sony Pictures Releasing France / UGC Distribution / Universal Pictures International France what is it again God ? continues to fill the rooms. With nearly 1.5 million spectators additional, the comedy led by Christian clavier and Chantal Lauby now totals more than 3.6 million admissions in two weeks of operation. It is a little better than what we did in the Good God ? in the same period (3.4 million viewers), but it is to be noted that the result loses 31% of attendance in the second week while the first film, he had recorded a gain of 3%.
Box-office France du 6 au 12 February 2019 : the Top 10 Rank (previous Rank)FilmEntréesCumul1 (1) what it has already done to the Good God ? 1 488 162 3 641 255 2 (New) Dragons 3 : The hidden world 1 224 811 1 224 811 3 (New) Nicky Larson and the scent of Cupid 630 013 630 013 4 (2nd) The Mule 330 116 1 428 023 5 (4e) Green Book : On the roads of the south 245 178 781 152 6 (New) The Favorite 166 719 166 719 7 (3rd) a Tiny 2 – The Mandibles of the End of the World 162 009 419 876 8 (New) the intimate conviction 130 195 130 195 9 (5e) Glass 128 720 1 154 465 10 (6th) Invisible 125 573 1 208 161 The podium on a weekly basis is supplemented by Dragons 3 : The hidden world and Nicky Larson and scent of Eros . The animation film starts very strong with more than 1.2 million spectators at the counter, a little less than the second opus of the saga (1 340 940). When the new feature of the “Band Fifi”, he has more than 630 000 entries, a performance which allows him to choose between Babysitting (550 041) and Babysitting 2 (801 2012). In the rest of the classification, The Mule Clint Eastwood holds up remarkably with more than 330 000 accessions and a ytd now beyond the 1.4 million spectators. Pretty careers also for Green Book : On the roads of the south , which now totals more than 780 000 spectators, and the comedy The Invisible , is credited with more than 1.2 million entries. What is it again God ? : where will there be the sons-in-law and the beautiful girls after the movie ? See the slideshow Slideshow That'is what'it was yet the good god : where will there be the sons-in-law and the beautiful girls after the movie ? 8 photos (*)Source : CBO Box-office

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Becoming Royal : check out the performers of the telefilm is dedicated to the prince Harry and Meghan Markle

After the wedding, the movie ! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be the hero of the telefilm devoted to their romance “Becoming ” Royal”, soon to be released in the U.s. on the Lifetime channel. D. R. After Kate and William : When it all began, it is now the turn of the youngest son of Lady Di to be the subject of a tv movie biography. Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle will be in effect the heroes of Becoming Royal, a portrait fictionalized their romance and cultural differences and ideological of their respective families that will not have impeded the unconditional love they have for each other. These are the actors Tiffany Marie Smith (Supernatural) and Charlie Field (Genius) – see above- who will have the task to embody on the screen the couple married on 6 march 2018 at the castle of Windsor, in the presence of queen Elizabeth II, princes Charles and William, and a parterre of celebrities with some of the relatives of the couple. Filming soon in the Vancouver area in Canada, the movie Harry & Meghan: Becoming a Royal will be broadcast in the United States on the cable channel Lifetime.

Arrow, Riverdale, Supernatural… what dates will complete the season series to the CW ?

The CW has unveiled the dates for seasons of its series, including Arrow, Riverdale, Supernatural or even Dynasty and Supergirl… The CW Network For the time being, the dates of the end of the series for Jane The Virgin and iZombie, and the end of the season for The 100 have not yet been communicated. Monday, March 18, Black Lightning (US+24 on Netflix) Wednesday, March 20, All American Thursday, March 28, Legacies Friday, April 5, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (series final followed by a concert) Tuesday, April 23, Roswell, New Mexico on Thursday, 25 April
Supernatural Monday, May 13, Arrow (to the time on US Netflix) Tuesday, May 14, Flash Wednesday, May 15, Riverdale (US+24 on Netflix) Sunday, May 19,
Supergirl Charmed Monday, May 20,
Legends of Tomorrow Friday, May 24th Dynasty (US+24 on Netflix)

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Noah Centineo : his new film The Perfect Date in April on Netflix

Before the find in the future as A result of all the boys I’ve loved Netflix will be online on the 12th of April next for the next film, Noah Centineo. A romantic comedy entitled “The Perfect Date”. Noah Centineo has become the new darling of Hollywood. The actor, who has card on Netflix with Sierra Burgess is a loser and Has all the boys I’ve loved, continues his journey on the streaming platform. It will be in effect soon to the poster of a new romantic comedy called The Perfect Date, subscribers will be able to devour the 12 next April. He portrays a high school student who has created an application where he offers his services as a boyfriend for rent in order to pay for his studies. He found on this occasion Laura Marano, that he had already charmed in season 1 of Austin & Ally. Centineo will also give a reply to Camila Mendes, the spicy Veronica of Riverdale. In addition to this photo posted on Twitter, Netflix has yet to reveal images of The Perfect Date. But this should not delay ! You’d want a new movie with Noah Centineo ?

The Perfect Date arrives on April 12. — Netflix France (@NetflixFR) 8 march 2019 Between this new feature-length film, the sequel to all the boys I’ve loved the reboot of charlie’s angels and its appearance in the spin-off of The Fosters – Good Trouble – the calendar of Noah Centineo is loaded…